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Reflection about Using and Evaluating Instructional Materials

Posted on by Junalen Bernas Lubaton

Reflection about Using and Evaluating Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials is part of the educational technology that has a respective educational purposes. It is used to attain the instructional objectives. It help the teacher for the improvement and effectivity in teaching-learning process as well as to the progress and development of the learners. In selecting the materials to be used, it's also important to consider the different guidelines that should be needed to become effective and efficient in using it.

So, as a future educator, we need to bare in mind the different ways on how to select and use the different instructional materials. It is necessary that we should use an appropriate materials for our learners or in accordance to the level of their learning and styles. It should also attainable wherein it can successfully attain the learning objective that we set.

Although all of the instructional materials are good and effective, it cannot be achievable without the enough knowledge of the teacher in using it. It always rely to the teacher the effectivity of the material. But of course, we cannot deny the fact that the best and effective instructional material is the teacher himself. It's not good that the teacher always depend to the material, sometimes "SELF" is enough for the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. Remember, no instructional material is much higher than the efficient teacher.

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