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Assessment in a Constructivist Technology-Supported Learning

Posted on by Junalen Bernas Lubaton

Assessment in a Constructivist Technology-Supported Learning

Assessment is the process use by a teacher in making some evaluation which measures the student’s learning. Teachers used rubric as their aid to observe and evaluate learners. In constructivist theory, it explains how knowledge is constructed in the human being when information comes into contact with existing knowledge that has been developed by experience. It means that students can formulate knowledge and ideas if they perform and experience it on their own in which they have already an idea about it.

In constructivist principle, evaluation should not isolate as a single exercise and not having the instructor as the only source of assessment. In other words, teacher should not use one evaluation because every learner is unique, has different learning styles and sometimes they were the source of other information. Teacher may also use technology because it is naturally that we are in the technology dominated world which encourages students especially facilitating student-centered learning activity. If the students fail in one assessment, teacher should not stop but rather repeat the lesson and the assessment or use another set of assessment.

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